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As his punishment Michele walks the length of a beam, high up in a rickety old barn-like building at the deserted farmhouse, and after that the group is seen going home.

Powell's This gripping American debut by Im not scared niccolo ammaniti essays novelist Ammaniti captures well the vagaries of childhood: To Michele's annoyance, the boy thinks he is dead and asks Michele if he is his guardian angel.

With similarities to Stephen King's The Body upon which the hit movie Stand By Me was based I'm Not Scared is as much a compelling study of one boy's awakening to the literal horrors of real life as it is a parable of trust gained and lost, dreams realized and shattered.

Ammaniti got the idea for the Im not scared niccolo ammaniti essays during a road trip to Apulia in the late s. However, the leader of the group, Skull, chooses the only girl in the group apart from Michele's sister to pay up instead.

They are the last of the group to arrive at the farmhouse, which means that she and Michele must pay a forfeit. As the camera pans back into the hole, the leg is out of sight. Readers may believe that real friendship and loyalty do not exist in the novel after several incidents involving betrayal and broken friendships are encountered.

Even though Michele knows of Papa's wrong doings he is still very obedient which shows loyalty. At what point does Michele grow up. On the way he sees the familiar face of Skull's older brother driving away from the house and thinks this may be the person who has imprisoned the boy.

Michele is intimidated, like the other children of the hamlet, by Skull Antoniowho seems to have hold over them through fear and seems to take a sadistic pleasure in ordering his friends around and getting away with it. However, it is Michele, who proves this wrong because of his concern and loyalty to others.

The next morning, he discovers his parents are hosting late-night meetings with the parents of his playmates and one domineering visitor "from the North" who now sleeps in his room. It is most evident in the final scene as well. After a steep part between two hills, the stream widened out to form a pond which in summer dried up into a black puddle.

Pino betrayed Michele by letting a criminal to slept next to Michele and didn't protect him from danger.


The story starts in a slow rhythm which conveys the stifling summer heat and also the isolation of the Aqua Traverse people. Whatever the trick, Italian author Niccolo Ammaniti has achieved it.

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However, Filippo appears and risks his own life to show gratitude to Michele, just as helicopters arrive and track down the ringleader trying to escape. Michele keeps his discovery as a secret, he tries Im not scared niccolo ammaniti essays figure out who this boy is, who put him there, and why.

According to Salvatores, the film is not primarily about kidnapping of the time but the mystery revolving around a kidnapping. She reluctantly and hesitantly begins to take off her clothes, when Michele pipes up that he was the one to arrive last and he should be the one to pay. The Environment Set in the small, secluded Southern Italy town of Acqua Traverse in the scorching summer ofNiccolo Ammaniti's novel "I'm Not Scared," tells the tale of a nine year old boy's struggle against moral principles and fight against evil.

Yet Michele decides that he must do something to help the boy. In a scene that eerily echoes William Golding's The Lord of the Flies, the children claim the hill as their own in a base and gruesome way, foreshadowing that life in Acqua Traverse will never be the same.

One night, Michele sees his parents watching on the television news that a child named Filippo belonging to the Carducci family has been kidnapped from Milan, and the boy in the pictures shown looks just like the boy in the hole.

I heard my voice saying". He returns home, making sure that his own presence is not discovered by whoever put the boy there. Also the belief of 'Monsters' 'Ogres' and 'Witches' show us he is a young innocence child.

When he tries to tell his father, the elder Amitrano brushes him off. The adults of Acqua Traverse chose to deal with their unfortunate circumstances by kidnapping Filippo and this decision ultimately results in their downfall.

As a direct result of being violated after years of being nurtured by his wealthy family, Filippo assumes "they're all dead. What assumptions can be made in regards to how Michele's life changes after that summer.


In the film's last scene, Michele's father runs with Michele in his arms in search of medical aid, as the ringleader from the North Milan finds him and insists he has to resume his assigned task of killing Filippo. The whole novel is narrated through the nine year-old Michele's eyes, therefore the language is simple, the sentences short, the paragraphs brief and the image clear, which conveys strength and authenticity to the narration.

When Michele one day sets off with his sister and their four friends on a journey to explore an abandoned farmhouse on a nearby hill, little does he know that he will soon uncover a secret so horrible and unbelievable that it will change his world forever.

Since its publication inthe novel sold nearlycopies and was published in over twenty languages. Set in the small, secluded Southern Italy town of Acqua Traverse in the scorching summer ofNiccolo Ammaniti's novel "I'm Not Scared," tells the tale of a nine year old boy's struggle against moral principles and fight against evil.

Read Niccolo Ammaniti’s epigraph by Jack London.

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We will write a custom essay sample on I’M Not Scared Questions specifically for you for only $ “I’m Not Scared” is described as a “coming of age story” Michele loses his innocence and loses his childish ways when he discovers Filippo the boy in the hole he had experienced.

Ammaniti’s I’m Not Scared is a novel based on fear, cruelty and innocence. The plot revolves around a young boy, Michele, who comes to the realisation that his fear should be directed at the men around him then the invisible beings he creates in his degisiktatlar.coms: 2.

Sep 16,  · Niccolo Ammaniti has chosen to finish the novel at the climatic moment of the story because the reader can imagine the aftermath we have enough information to assump Michele didn't died and Filippo is saved. 37 quotes from Niccolò Ammaniti: 'Monsters don’t exist.

It’s men you should be afraid of, not monsters.', 'Even the most difficult things which you think you'll never get over you do get over, and in a trice you find they're behind you and you have to go on.

Read story i'm not scared (by niccolo ammaniti): text response by machee with 6, reads ammaniti, courage, italy hello, this is one of the text responses i. Im not scared by niccolò ammaniti essay - i'm not scared explores the notion that only the strong will thrive discuss thrive vi grow well flourish.

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